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Tiger Eye Point

Tiger Eye Point

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Experience the enchanting fusion of natural splendor and polished elegance in the 301-gram Tiger Eye Pyramid. Its polished upper portion glimmers like the captivating gaze of a tiger, while the raw lower half retains the stone's authentic essence. Proudly standing at 8cm in height with a base width of 3.5 cm, this pyramid is a striking testament to the duality of strength and natural allure.

The Tiger Eye Pyramid, with its warm, inviting tones, embodies a symbol of protection and resilience. The polished apex serves as a channel for courage and self-assurance, inspiring you to confront challenges with tenacity. Grounded by the raw base, it helps establish a connection with your inner fortitude, granting stability amid life's changes.

Celebrated for its ability to spark motivation and creativity, Tiger Eye is a stone of practicality and determination. Its unique play of light mirrors the captivating gaze of a tiger, fostering heightened awareness and mindfulness. The pyramid's harmonious blend of elements signifies the delicate balance between personal empowerment and the natural ebb and flow of life.

Specifications: Height: 8cm Width: 3.5cm Weight: 301grams

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