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Faceted Fluorite Bracelet

Faceted Fluorite Bracelet

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The Rainbow Fluorite Bracelet is a beautiful handmade bracelet that will look great on your wrist. The Rainbow fluorite stone is chakra aligned and brings peace, tranquility and harmony. This is an adjustable bracelet with an elastic cord so it can be worn by anyone.

The Benefits of Fluorite is listed below:

The multicolored mineral fluorite is prized for both its captivating physical beauty and its energy healing abilities.

The fluorescent brightness that the fluorite stone generates when held under specific UV light angles, giving it a mysterious luminous look, is how it got its name. There are many distinct hues and tints of this mysterious gem, and each one is as alluring as the last.

Fluorite is the ideal crystal ally for anybody going through existential or spiritual fatigue because of its reputation for transforming negative energy into good energy. This gem may elevate your frequency and improve your natural aura just by being near it.

The Length size of the Bracelet is around 7.5 inches (19cm). Very adjustable, and the bead size is 8mm. 23 Beads.

Fluorite is more than just a gorgeous face; for thousands of years, humans have used this crystal for holistic health.

Fluorite may help in a variety of ways on the spiritual and emotional levels. Fluorite can assist provide freshness and mental clarity by sweeping out old, sluggish energy because of its naturally neutralising impact.

The fluorite stone may be a great help to those of us who find it difficult to let go of our worries and anxiety. Clarity, tranquilly, and good transformation can emerge as a result of its potent cleaning energy clearing away outdated ideas and behavioural patterns.

From a physical standpoint, fluorite can provide us a lot of health advantages. The fluorite crystal has the capacity to perform bodily cleaning and detoxification in addition to energetic purification.

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This bracelet was handmade with love and was fully charged under the full moon.

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Materials: Fluorite,Gemstone
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