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Dark Purple Chalcedony Bracelet

Dark Purple Chalcedony Bracelet

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This gorgeous bracelet is made of Purple Chalcedony. Chalcedony is a calming and soothing stone. It helps to strengthen your courage and inner strength, so you can stay positive even when it feels like everything is going wrong. You will feel more confident, happier, and relaxed when wearing this beautiful stone. This bracelet is the perfect way to add color to your life or as a gift for your bestie, mom, sister, or anyone else you love!

The Length size of the Bracelet is around 7.5 inches (19cm). Very adjustable, 23 Beads are used for an 8mm bracelet.

This bracelet was handmade with love and was fully charged under the full moon

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Materials: Gemstone,Chalcedony

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