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Customise your bracelet

Customise your bracelet

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Looking for a beautiful crystal gift for a loved one or yourself? Look no further because a Gemstone healing bracelet is a must-have to add to your jewelry collection. Crystals have great healing properties that can enhance positive aspects in your life or help with removing negative energy. All my gemstones are 100% natural and of good quality, and I can make the beaded bracelet adjustable to your wrist size.

How to order?

Step 1:

List the Materials you would like on your bracelet in the personalized section.
(If you are unsure, message me, and I will advise)

Step 2:

I will start your order and send you a photo of your bracelet.

Step 3:

Once you are happy, then I will dispatch your order the next working day. SIMPLE :)

I have most gemstone materials; the beads are in 8mm and very few in 6mm, but please message me to check just in case. If you know what material you want for your bracelet, list them at the checkout. If you are still determining which crystals you want, you can look at all the crystals in my shop or ask for advice; feel free to message me to discuss what I can put together for you.

Ultimately you should choose Crystals that resonate with you...

Before dispatching an order, I will ALWAYS send you a photo of your custom-made bracelet, and if you like it or need any adjustments, I will do my best to go above your expectations.

Your crystal healing bracelet will work best if you roll it up and over your hand rather than pulling it on your wrist, which can eventually weaken the elastic. Before showering or using water, please remove off since doing so also weakens the elastic.

The Length size of the Bracelet is around 7.5 inches (19cm). Very adjustable, and the bead size is 8mm.

I can adjust the size and type it up in the description if you have a bigger or smaller wrist.

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All the beads are smudged over using Dragon's Blood Incense to remove negative energy :)

Materials: Quartz,Gemstone
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