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Colourful Tiger Eye Bracelet

Colourful Tiger Eye Bracelet

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Immerse yourself in the vibrant energy of our Colorful Tiger Eye bracelet, skillfully crafted to infuse joy and positivity into your everyday ensemble.

This 8mm beaded gemstone bracelet, measuring 19cm, boasts a delightful fusion of healing crystals in yellow, pink, green, and blue, amplifying its allure.

Meticulously designed with 23 expertly arranged beads, each representing friendship and harmony, this handmade jewelry piece serves as a captivating testament to the exquisite diversity of nature's beauty.

Elevate your style and inner well-being with this enchanting Crystal Bracelet, seamlessly blending the realms of fashion and holistic healing energies.

Explore the striking allure of this Colorful Beaded Bracelet, an essential addition to your collection of Crystal Bracelets, Gemstone Bracelets, and Healing Crystals, from Chansoulcrystalz.

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