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Colorful Tourmaline Choker

Colorful Tourmaline Choker

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Let your light shine with this beautiful necklace! The Colorful Tourmaline Choker features a lovely combination of tourmaline crystals and dainty crystal beads to create a beautiful, minimalist choker. This elegant piece is perfect for layering or wearing alone. It makes an excellent gift for yourself or someone special, making it the perfect piece to help you feel confident and powerful.

The crystals from this stone have protective energy that repels negative energy, making it a good stone for those who are sensitive to their environment or those with chronic illnesses. This piece also has the power to release emotional blocks, emotional trauma, and any negativity you have been holding onto during your lifetime.

Gemstone Material: Tourmaline
Metal Type: Stainless Steel
Necklace Length: 38cm - 40cm
Bead size 2mm - 3mm

Colorful Tourmaline Choker, Dainty Crystal Necklace, Gemstone, Healing Crystals, Beaded, Minimalistic, Protection Mixed Chakra Necklace

Materials: Stainless steel,Tourmaline
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