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Citrine Double Pointed

Citrine Double Pointed

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Introducing a captivating Citrine Double Pointed Crystal, a genuine healing gem that radiates with the energies of abundance and transformation. This exquisite crystal not only serves as a powerful healing tool but also carries the essence of prosperity, making it an exceptional addition to your crystal collection.

As a natural chakra healing stone, this Citrine gem harmonizes your energy centers, promoting balance and vitality. Its remarkable double-terminated point formation enhances its energy flow, allowing it to both absorb and emit positive vibrations.

The golden hues of Citrine symbolize the sun's life-giving energy and resonate with themes of money and abundance. Use this crystal during meditation, energy work, or simply as an adornment to harness its uplifting qualities. Place it in your space to infuse the surroundings with positivity and attract financial growth.

To clarify, this listing is for 1 Citrine double point.

Citrine Double Pointed Crystal, Healing Crystal, Money Abundance Gemstones, Natural Chakra Healing Stones, Double Terminated Crystal Point
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