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Black Tourmaline in Quartz Bracelet

Black Tourmaline in Quartz Bracelet

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The Black Tourmaline in Quartz Bracelet, with its combination of protective and amplifying energies, offers a versatile and empowering piece of gemstone jewelry. It allows the wearer to benefit from the properties of black tourmaline and clear quartz, providing a harmonious blend of protection, balance, and energetic support.

The Black Tourmaline in Quartz Bracelet is crafted using smooth and polished beads made from black tourmaline and clear quartz gemstones. The bracelet typically features beads that are 8mm in size, providing a comfortable fit and a balanced aesthetic.

Black tourmaline is well-known for its protective properties. It is believed to create a shielding energy that helps repel negative energies and protect against psychic attacks. Black tourmaline is often used by empaths or highly sensitive individuals as it can assist in grounding their energy and shielding them from absorbing the emotions of others.

Clear quartz is known as the "master healer" and is valued for its ability to amplify energy and promote balance. When combined with black tourmaline, it enhances protective qualities and aids in the purification and harmonization of energy fields.

The gemstone beads are carefully strung together, creating a beaded bracelet that is both visually appealing and durable. The bracelet can be designed as a chakra bracelet, with the beads aligned to correspond with the body's energy centers, supporting overall energetic balance and well-being.

The Length size of the Bracelet is around 7.5 inches. Very adjustable, 23 Beads are used for an 8mm.
If you need a personalized adjustment, feel free to message me.

This bracelet was handmade with love and was fully charged under the full moon.

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Materials: Tourmaline,Gemstone
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