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Black Pearl Choker

Black Pearl Choker

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The natural freshwater black pearl beaded necklace showcases a stunning array of lustrous black pearls, each possessing unique and captivating iridescence.

Black pearls are associated with various healing properties, promoting emotional balance and protection. They are believed to instill a sense of inner wisdom and enhance intuition. The energy of black pearls is said to offer grounding and soothing effects, helping to alleviate stress, anxiety, and negative emotions. The necklace serves as a symbol of elegance and strength while providing a source of positive energy and harmony to the wearer.

Gemstone Material: Black Pearl
Metal Type: Stainless Steel
Necklace Length: 40cm
Bead size 3mm

Black Pearl Choker, Dainty Crystal Necklace, Gemstones, Healing Crystals, Beaded Necklace, Minimalistic Jewelry, Chakra Natural Stones

Materials: Pearl

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