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Anxiety Bracelet

Anxiety Bracelet

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The Anxiety Bracelet is a healing crystal bracelet that combines gemstones known for their properties in promoting inner peace and reducing anxiety. It is suitable for both men and women. This chakra protection bracelet incorporates several gemstones, including Amethyst, Citrine, Larvikite, and Garnet.

Amethyst is a calming stone that helps alleviate stress, soothes the mind, and promotes relaxation. It is believed to bring a sense of peace and balance, making it beneficial for anxiety relief.

Citrine is associated with joy, abundance, and positive energy. It is known to enhance self-confidence, dispel negative emotions, and promote optimism. Citrine's uplifting properties can help combat anxiety and bring about a sense of well-being.

Larvikite is a protective stone that helps shield against negative energies. It promotes grounding and stability, making it useful in reducing anxiety and increasing inner strength.

Garnet is known for its grounding and revitalizing properties. It provides a sense of security, promotes emotional balance, and helps release fear and worry.

By wearing the Anxiety Bracelet, you can benefit from the combined energies of these gemstones. It may assist in calming the mind, alleviating anxiety, promoting inner peace, and providing a sense of protection and balance.

The Length size of the Bracelet is around 7.5 inches (19cm). Very adjustable, and the bead size is 8mm. 23 Beads. If you require a bigger or smaller size please message me :)

This beautiful bracelet was handmade with love and was fully charged under the full moon.

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Materials: Gemstone
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