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Amethyst Necklace

Amethyst Necklace

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A statement-making piece, this Amethyst Pendant Necklace is handcrafted with silver plated over copper and Opalite on top of the silver. This pendant comes with a stainless steel chain.

Amethyst is said to have many healing properties and can help with stress and anxiety. Get ready to bring more peace and calm into your life with this gorgeous Amethyst necklace.

Also, this crystal is associated with the Crown Chakra, which opens us to the spiritual world and helps us recognize our angelic natures. "A stone of royalty which aligns all of the chakras, Ametist is known for bringing insight, inspiration, and peace."

This crystal necklace was handmade with love and was fully charged under the full moon.

Amethyst Necklace, Healing Crystals, Pendant Necklace, Birthstone Gemstone Silver Necklace, Statement Crystal Jewellery, Handmade Jewelry

Materials: Stainless steel,Amethyst
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