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Amethyst and Clear Quartz Chip Bracelet

Amethyst and Clear Quartz Chip Bracelet

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Product Description

Elevate your energy and find inner peace with our Amethyst and Clear Quartz chip bracelet. This stunning piece of healing crystal jewelry combines the calming properties of Amethyst and the clarity-enhancing energies of Clear Quartz, making it a powerful accessory for your well-being journey.

Key Features

  • Amethyst Crystal: Known for its soothing energy, amethyst is associated with stress relief, emotional balance, and enhancing intuition.
  • Clear Quartz Crystal: The master healer of crystals, clear quartz amplifies energy, promotes clarity of thought, and can be programmed for various intentions.
  • Healing Crystal Jewelry: Wear this bracelet to experience the healing benefits of amethyst and clear quartz throughout your day.
  • Calm and Clarity: Find a sense of calm and mental clarity as you embrace the combined energies of these two powerful crystals.
  • Stretch Design: This bracelet features a stretch cord for easy wear and removal, ensuring a comfortable fit for most wrist sizes.
  • Versatile Style: Whether you're dressing up for a special occasion or adding a touch of crystal energy to your daily attire, this bracelet complements any outfit.

Specifications (Including Size):

  • Handcrafted with care and precision.
  • This bracelet fits most wrist sizes (18cm)
  • Makes a thoughtful gift for loved ones or a meaningful addition to your crystal collection.
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