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Amethyst & Citrine Bracelet

Amethyst & Citrine Bracelet

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Made with genuine semi-precious stones, this beautiful bracelet is perfect for the person that loves the look and feel of natural stones.

This beautiful Amethyst & Citrine Bracelet is a combination of two of the most popular Chakra Stones, which help balance the Chakras, emotional and spiritual well-being, and physical health. The crystals here can be used to guide you through numerous life challenges, or simply to spread love and positivity throughout your day. This set makes a great gift for any occasion!

The bracelet bead size is 8mm with an elastic band that caters to most wrist sizes.

23 beads are used to make an 8mm bracelet.

31 beads are used to make a 6mm bracelet.

Wrist size: 7.5inches

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This bracelet was handmade with love by me and was fully charged under the full moon.

Materials: Gemstone,Citrine
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